Cat dry food and supplements made with 100% vegan ingredients.


  • VeggieAnimals PLUS - Adult...

    Desde 16,90€

    VeggieAnimals PLUS is soooo yummy, the seasoning is delicious, all natural of course, and also contains tapioca (which is good for strong bones and contains lots of iron), pumpkin (with healthy fibre to help regulate digestion), and cranberries (that are good for preventing bacteria in the urinary system), is lower in phosphorus and contains arachidonic acid.

    Formula professionally developed by a veterinary team, suitable for all sizes and nutritionally complete. No food supplements needed.

  • VeggieAnimals Kitten...

    From: €18.90

    VeggieAnimals Kitten is rich and tasty, as well as environmentally friendly. It contains everything a kitten needs to grow strong and healthy. With pea protein, rich in essential amino acids, coconut oil, which helps to strengthen the immune system, cabbage kale, rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C and ginger, which helps with digestive and inflammatory issues.

  • VeggieAnimals Original...

    From: €56.90

    VeggieAnimals Original is rich, riiiich, and environmentally friendly. With coconut oil, which helps boost the immune system, spinach, rich in folic acid and beta-carotene, quinoa and flaxseed, rich in omega 3 and passionflower for emotional well-being.

  • VeggieVital for Dogs and Cats


    For a longer life and well-being!

    Ecological powdered food supplement for dogs and cats that contains a selection of superfoods – camu camu, carob and maca – in ideal proportions to promote the increase of energy levels and antioxidants to slow down their ageing and give them healthy and clean vitality. Improve their quality of life!

  • VeggieGift Card


    Are you thinking of offering a gift that is ethical, helps the planet and saves lives as well as providing the best health for Cats and Dogs? Nothing better than the VeggieGift Card!