A project created with animals in mind

Being vegan activists, one of our objectives is to do all we can to help as many animals as possible. That is why since VeggieAnimals was born we have been supporting animal welfare charities, shelters, sanctuaries, feral cat colonies and other animal welfare organisations that benefit from our special price policy.

Our economic involvement with the animal rights movement increases as VeggieAnimals grows. So far we have been able to make food donations, sponsor animals and contribute to the improvement of shelters’ facilities in order to help those who need it most.

These organizations are already part of veggieanimals

Because we know very well the constant flow of emergencies that shelters, cat colonies and organizations deal with, we have a special price policy that they can benefit from.


From 2015 until now we have donated 3985kg of dry food for dogs and cats in shelters, feral cat colonies and animal charities..

In addition, since the end of 2017 we have been covering the board costs of the dogs and cats living at La Vida Color Frambuesa Shelter and La Frontera Sanctuary.

La vida color frambuesa & La frontera - Santuario de animales
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Refugio VeggieAnimals

In 2017 we helped La Vida Color Frambuesa Shelter in the construction of an infirmary with a capacity for 14 animals.


Since 2017 we have become the proud sponsors of 13 animals.

“Las mañicas” are 13 cats that we rescued from the municipal pound in Zaragoza on Christmas Eve 2017. They were very ill when we rescued them but they now have a happy life in La Vida Color Frambuesa Shelter.

Gatas - La vida de color Frambuesa