Club Veggie

Can you imagine feeding your furry friends without having to calculate when to buy the food and without having to order it?
We'll make things easy for you! We'll take care of it ourselves, at no extra charge.

What do we offer?
1.    Applied discount of 10%, 15% or 20%. Save on your food!(*)
2.    Quarterly, half-yearly or annual direct debits. Forget about those bills!
3.    No need to order online and have your orders shipped bi-monthly. Stop wasting your time and spend it on your furry friends!

What do we need from you?
1.    That you choose the type of payment (**):
o    Quarterly, with a 10% discount
o    Half-yearly, with a 15% discount
o    Annual, with a 20% discount

2.    That you tell us the amount of each of our products that you consume per month.
If you want us to calculate the amounts for you, tell us how many furry friends there are at home and how much they weigh.

3.    That you sign the SEPA document for direct debiting your receipts and send it to us at or +34.627.680.824 using WhatsApp (we will provide you with this during the process).

And that's it! Are you joining Club Veggie?

(*) Minimum order for cats: 3u. For dogs: 5u. Combined: 5u.

(**) Orders will be paid by direct debit as soon as you join Club Veggie.