Your order will save VeggieAnimals 

19.11.2021 Update:

As you have been so dedicated to helping us with the first production, we have been able to produce some extra units, and therefore the following delivery options are available:

1. Normal delivery: 24 - 48h peninsula, 5 - 10 days balearic islands and Europe

2. Delivery 10 - 17 December: We merge your orders to make the following production.

Although there are units available, our advice is that you continue to be proactive for the time being.

Thank you for all the help received, you are amazing!



Being a vegan company is very hard. Being a vegan company with values in a world that lacks them is very challenging. If we add to this the fact that we are in a sector for animals which has no concern for animals, the situation becomes even more complex. And, if on top of that, we "sleep with the enemy", then the situation gets extremely tenuous.

Due to numerous and very serious derelictions committed by the person who was in charge of VeggieAnimals' accounting, the financial situation of the company is unstable, but we are working hard to restore peace and we are going to achieve it.

As a temporary measure, your orders for VeggieAnimals Plus Dogs 12.5kg cannot be delivered in 24-48h as we used to do in the Peninsula and the Canary Islands and 5-10 days for the Balearic Islands and Europe; we will now have a delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

Why so long?

Because all our productions will be made to order. This means that the orders you place, whether you are private individuals, shops or distributors, will be put together and the production will be carried out.

How uncomfortable is this measure for you?

You need to plan your orders in advance.

We can help you calculate how much feed you need to order, based on the purchase history you already have with us, so that you don't run out. Just let us know.

Another option is that, depending on the weight of your dogs, you can use the portion table to work out how many kilos they need per month.

Is there any good in this change?

Yes, by placing your orders this way, you will be helping us regain stability; we hope that in a few months’ time we will resume our business as usual. Furthermore, as your feed will be freshly made, you will have a shelf life of 13 months ahead of you.

How will this measure help VeggieAnimals?

VeggieAnimals carries out important social work, which you can check out at, by placing your orders, you help our recovery and help us to continue fighting for the animals. Can we count on you?