VeggieVital for Dogs and Cats


For a longer life and well-being!

Ecological powdered food supplement for dogs and cats that contains a selection of superfoods – camu camu, carob and maca – in ideal proportions to promote the increase of energy levels and antioxidants to slow down their ageing and give them healthy and clean vitality. Improve their quality of life!

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Organic product.
Suitable for dogs and cats over 6 months of age.
Any questions? Talk to our vet.

Ecological powdered food supplement for dogs and cats


Carob, Maca, Camu Camu. Dehydrated ingredients from ecological farming.

About the ingredients:

  • Maca contains a high concentration of vitamins (group B, vitamin C), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc) and proteins. It helps delay the onset of fatigue and reduces fatigue symptoms. Maca is an excellent restorative tonic of the adaptogens family that helps the body manage stressors. Several studies conclude that maca contributes to muscle anabolism (muscle mass synthesis), improves physical strength and capacity, helps the hormonal balance and increases energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • Carob is rich in iron and calcium, as well as an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, silicon, manganese and copper, which makes it an important superfood for active animals. It is also a good source of energy due to its high content of natural carbohydrates. Carob contains tannins which make it a powerful antioxidant thanks to its benefits on gut microbiota and its antidiarrheal effect, being highly recommended for dogs and cats with these conditions.
  • Camu camu is a wild berry, known for being the richest plant source of vitamin C. It is also rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Camu camu can help boost the immune system, fight inflammation and support digestive health and tissue regeneration.


  • Especially recommended for dogs and cats during periods of stress, poor nutrition or exposed to environmental pollutants.
  • Stops hair loss.
  • High content of vitamin C, flavonoids and carotenoids.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals of extremely high bioavailability.
  • Can help dogs and cats prone to recurrent infections.
  • STOP hair loss

Nutritional Information:

FOOD VeggieVITAL 100g
ENERGY Kj / Kcal 1079 / 258
TOTAL FAT g 1,45
of which saturated fat g 0,1
of which trans fat g 0,0
of which sugars g 40
FIBRE g 29
PROTEIN g 7,77
SALT g 0.067
No dairy products or gelatine.
No additives.
GMO free.
Gluten free.
No added sugar.
No added colourings or preservatives.
No trans fats.

Daily Feeding Guidance

Ration for dogs and cats


Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Directions for use

Sprinkle over your dog’s or cat’s daily food or dissolve in liquids. Easy to dissolve. Delicious flavour.


Store in its own package, at room temperature, away from direct light, under dry conditions and keep clean.


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