Dog dry food, supplements and treats made with 100% vegan ingredients.


  • VeggiePure for Dogs


    Ecological powdered food supplement for dogs composed of a balanced selection of superfoods – wheatgrass, chlorella, milk thistle and spirulina, that promote the process of removing toxins from the body’s filtering organs especially liver and colon, and also provide high quality micronutrients and phytochemicals. Available in 400g container

  • VeggieVital for Dogs and Cats


    Ecological powdered food supplement for dogs and cats that contains a selection of superfoods – camu camu, carob and maca – in ideal proportions to promote the increase of energy levels and antioxidants. Available in 500g container.

  • VeggieAnimals for Dogs

    From: €13.90

    Complete and balanced food for dogs, made with 100% plant-based (vegan) ingredients. Available in 2kg and 12,5kg bags.
    Formula professionally developed by a veterinary team, suitable for all ages and sizes and nutritionally complete. No food supplements needed.

  • VeggieGift Card


    Are you thinking of offering a gift that is ethical, helps the planet and saves lives as well as providing the best health for Cats and Dogs? Nothing better than the VeggieGift Card!