Meet the team VeggieAnimals

The team behind VeggieAnimals is entirely composed of vegan activists. We share a strong bond with and an unwavering commitment to the ethical foundations of veganism..

Carolina Martín - Orders Manager

Carolina Martín | Orders Manager

Ever since I was little I felt a deep aversion to eating animals. At 18 I turned vegetarian, and later on I became vegan. Eventually my mother, brother and partner also turned vegetarian or vegan. I quit my job at a spa in the Pyrenees to become an activist with Animal Equality, where I ended up working as office manager and supporter relations officer.

I met Sonia during my first years at Animal Equality. In fact she encouraged me to become an activist. When years later she called me to offer me a job with VeggieAnimals I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in such a rewarding project. Working at VeggieAnimals I can do what I most like doing – helping animals. Also, working for and with other people who share my values is extremely motivating and inspires me every day.

María González - Vet

María González | Vet

I am vegan and an animal rights activist. I have been involved in animal rescues, emergencies, shelters and sanctuaries for a long time. Despite having graduated in Veterinary Medicine, my dream career, I made the decision to not work in a veterinary clinic.

I knew that if I really wanted to help animals I had to do it in a more effective way. That is why in 2016 my partner and I founded La Vida Color Frambuesa, a sanctuary for animals of different species from which we raise awareness through educational activities and courses. A project that brings me much satisfaction, in spite of the sacrifices it entails.

Saving an animal and contributing with his or her story to hopefully change the way people think will give many other animals the opportunity to live. I joined VeggieAnimals to offer veterinary consultations and to supervise ongoing research. I am happy to be part of a team with sound founding principles that I can totally identify with. VeggieAnimals is definitely more than just a company.

Sonia España Ribera - Founder and CEO

Sonia España Ribera | Founder and CEO

Why after 12 years I quit a public employment position as an early childhood educator to found VeggieAnimals has much to do with how I view veganism. To me veganism is not a personal option - it is my life. Being an animal rights activist made me want to devote all my time and energy to help animals.

As a regular consumer of vegan pet food, I saw the opportunity to offer the same products in Spain at a better price and with the added value of supporting animal causes. And so it all started.

Seeing VeggieAnimals grow thanks to the motivation and support of a great deal of people that have trusted and encouraged us from the beginning is a wonderful experience.

I don’t know how far we will get, but I do know that we are helping save many lives. My goal is to be able to keep giving back to animals a part of the benefits from VeggieAnimals, through different projects and initiatives.