The beginning

VeggieAnimals is born in 2014 as a dog and cat food producer and supplier whose product range is 100% plant-based. VeggieAnimals, which started as an individual project of vegan activist Sonia España, has since steadily grown and flourished thanks to the great response and support of our customers and the vegan community at large.

VeggieAnimals vegan food with vet endorsement

Veterinarian approved vegan pet food

Our vegan formulas have been developed by a team of experienced veterinarians. Manufactured in Spain, VeggieAnimals products are distributed in 15 countries.

Food for dogs and cats formulated by specialized veterinarians For the development of our formulae one has not experimented with any animal 100% vegetable, vegan food, free of ingredients of animal origin
Created and thought for animals

Created with animals in mind

VeggieAnimals is much more than just a business. We have very strong ethical principles and beliefs that we apply into everything we do. The women behind VeggieAnimals are 100% vegan and have a long history of activism and campaigning for animal rights, both individually and as part of different organisations.

VeggieAnimals products are more than just food for dogs and cats - they have the added value of supporting numerous initiatives to help animals.

Meet the VeggieAnimals team

Meet the team

We are a team of vegan activists with a strong bond and an unwavering commitment to the ethical foundations of veganism and everything it implies.

In support of those who need it most

Supporting those in most need

Our solidarity also extends to people. When you order one of our products you are helping animals and also people in need.